Thursday, September 07, 2006

Emily: We had a great cultural experience on Saturday night. We went to a wedding with our field director, who performed the ceremony in a church out in the country. It was "scheduled" to start at 8 and didn't actually start until around 9. There were people answering cell phones, chatting in the back, and little kids sleeping on the dirt floor of the church...all during the ceremony! At the reception afterward, the bride and groom did a sort of march through the reception, and stopped to have pictures taken with the pastor, his wife, and the two of us---we tried to sneak out of the picture, but the groom pulled us back...we had never even met them:) I thought it was pretty cool... to be brutaly honest, at our wedding I probably would have thought, "who are these people?...get them out of my picures." Anyway, we stayed for a while (you usually don't leave before the meal), but after a couple of hours we decided to jet...when we got up, the girl who got us our table kept asking Chad why we were leaving..the food was still coming:) They have a completely different mindset..where we are time oriented and need a schedule, they just enjoy being together. It doesn't matter that they wait three hours for the meal. I was completely tired by the time we got home at 1 AM but couldn't help wondering if maybe I could learn something from the experience:)


At 5:24 PM, Blogger Ginainchina said...

That is incrediable! i've always heard about the time-thing in latin american countries... its amazing to hear it first hand! I love your posts you guys, keep it up! love, gina


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