Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chad: Two stories. First we came home last night after school to our little apartment. Outside our apartment laying next to the sidewalk was a little white dead kitten. It was horrible. I had to clean it up and put it in the garbage. I thought of putting a picture of it but I won't subject everyone to that kind of atrocity. Emily has a theory that it was left there to send us "white" people a message. Perhaps there is a mafia in our neighborhood that has it in for us! What I do know is that they won't intimidate me. I'm a fighter, a survivor, and I'm really tough. I've been practicing martial arts moves since I first saw the Karate Kid.

The second thing is that we just took our first public transportation ride. We took a small bus called the micro to school. It was really cool. We are well on our way to becoming Bolivians. There were no seats, so we had to stand. I was too tall so I had to hunch over a little. It only costs 1.5 Bolivianos which is about 12 cents. It was cool.


At 9:27 PM, Blogger Ginainchina said...

Great blog Emily and Chad! I am so glad that i'll be able to keep up with you guys through this blog. Sounds like things are pretty incrediable there already. that spider is so scary and emily, what spanish name do you go by? love, gina


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