Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chad: Well not bad for two severly technologically challenged people? This is it the first journal entry for our site. Right now I'm actually typing on a gigantic Walmart 45 gallon tub filled with my personal affects. If only you could all see our disaster of an apartment. We could post some sweet pictures with our brand new canon 7.1 megapixel camara, but we don't have one. Some of you may have heard of the Jackson Curse! Charlie and I made that up as a result of our crazy Winnie the Pooh luck. Oh bother. Emily and I actually looked for several weeks for the camara we wanted, picked one out, went back the next day, and they were sold out. Thus, we are pictureless and waiting for a new shipment.


At 3:58 PM, Anonymous dad doan said...

I got a web cam today so I'll be curious what you'll look like in Bolivian.

At 12:57 PM, Anonymous ss said...

Old Poopy Head (or as he likes to be called, Saint Joe) told me you were on your way to Bolivia. I've often had dreams of running off to South America myself. Only in my dreams I'm wearing much bling-bling (real stuff) and carrying stolen bank heist funds in innocent looking beach bags. Who knows, I may see you there yet. Just look for a wrinkled crone surrounded by gigolos with mounds of bright green broccoli piled high on her dining plate.


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