Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chad: If you know me then you know me then you probably know that I am a night person. It's funny because Em is more of a night person. She always "hits the wall" about nine or ten. Then she starts laughing at everything and is really cute. Ironically that's about when I hit my peak funness. Often times I wake her up before I crawl into bed I wake her up with fun things like dances or something. Anyway, that's not what I was going to say. What I was going to say is how smart Emily is. She figured out how to get me up in the mornings. Last year she would try to get me up, and I would cover my head with a pillow and go back to sleep. Often times this would result in us being late to school. Emily will get Sage up on the bed, and she will come over and lick my face. I love it. For some reason I always get up. I'm impressed with Emily's ingenuity though that's for sure.

We had our school staff retreat last weekend. It was a blast. We spent a lot of time with our friends and then we got to know some of the new staff. I am going to post some pictures of us making each other into an eagle (the school mascot). It was fun. This is my buddy Gerison. He's a kick.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Emily: Nine boys and four girls....Although my class is a handful, they are definitly super cute. I am trying to be creative and think of fun hands-on things to do. Next week in Bible we are learning about days 4-7 of creation and we are going to make a big shiny fish poster with aluminum foil. that will be fun...i'm sure there will be kids going home with foil stuck in their hair, but hey, that's what kindergarten is about.
Last weekend we saw some guys (I'll refrain from guessing their age) playing soccer in speedos. I decided not to post those pictures.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Chad: So you thought we'd never blog again! Well I'm showing you huh! See the way I figure it this blog is about our life in Bolivia, so we only blog when in Bolivia. At least that's how I rationalize two months of no blogging. I sure hope that there is someone out there that will read this . . . somday.

Well, Em and I are back in Bolivia. We were greeted by a bunch of friends at the airport and welcomed home by Sage. All in all it has been a great couple of days. Emily and I are both preparing our classrooms and getting ready for school. This is a picture of us celebrating Em's birthday at her favorite restaurant, La Suisse.

I also want to say that we will do our best to continue blogging on a more regular basis. So keep checking and perhaps there will even be something new once in a while to see or read about.