Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chad: Well, my junior high basketball team just had their first basketball game. We have been practicing for several months, but we usually only have practice once a week. We have also had two weeks of camps that the team didn't have any practicies. The last month has had crazy amounts of rain, and since we practic outside it often cancelled our practices. The final piece of data was that the team we played this week played another school last week and beath them 28 to 0. To say the least, I was worried.

I told them that we hade to 1. play defense 2. rebound 3. take care of the ball- if we were going to win. They did an excellent job of all three. We ended up beating them 22-6. As you may have guessed I now live in a country where soccer is the primary sport, but my players did awesome. I really enjoyed it.


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