Monday, January 01, 2007

Chad: Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo, that's Bolivian for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Well it's been an eventful week. Lots of things to share.

Friday: Mike and I were invited to play basketball at the colleseum by a friend named Silvana. Now last time she talked us into something we ended up playing in a tournament that lasted for about a month. We never knew when the games would be or what time. They would call us and ask us to play in like a couple of hours. We wanted to make sure that all we were doing was playing pick-up games. We went to play and there were these guys that were all members of the Bolivian championship professional team. They were huge. Mike and I played with them for about an hour or so. We would play two on two and then they would rotate new guys in to play against us. Afterward they talked to us and invited us to join their basketball team and play in a South American Championship tournament in Paraguay. They also invited us to a barbecue the next day. We went to that and played two on two against even more of the team. Not to be modest, we won a lot. It was sweet. We only lost one game and it was our fifth straight game in 90 degree weather. I was pumped. We got cut from our high school basketball team, but we were offered a position on a professional Bolivian basketball team. Now we debated and decided to stick with the missionary profession, but nonetheless are stoked about being offered jobs as professional Bolivian basketball players.

Sunday: We almost lost Sage yesterday. Emily had just let Sage outside to relieve herself of any excess fluid. She didn't do anything, so Emily let her back inside. Sage took three steps in the house and peed on the floor. Emily brought her in to the bedroom and I was petting her on our bed. I was ironing my pants and joking about our little Sage. I yelled to Emily in the next room that I'm sure Sage would now pee on our bed because she couldn't possibly be out of juice. I told her that I would outright kill her if she peed on our bed. I laughed looked up and saw her walking diagonally across our bed leaving little dropplets along the way. I then noticed a puddle on my pillow. Like I said, we almost lost her because I just about killed her. New house rule: No dogs on the the bed.


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Kerri said...

Little Sage is a sweetie.I rejoice in your new "baby". Make sure you teach her not to jump on people-that's the worst.
I was so excited to know that you had a blog-Ethan sent it to me. I have been reading all your entries and praying for you. Your moma-cita really missed you this Christmas Chad.I am glad that all is well with both you and Emily. Peace of Christ-Kerri Kanning

At 8:31 PM, Blogger Bebemiqui said...

Nice to see you out there doing something you love. My mom's kept me updated on your family's happenings. Now that I know more, I'll toss you all up in prayer! Blessings
Sara Bolt (Vandenoever)


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