Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chad: Well we just went to Brazil. So now if someone just casually asks, "So has anyone ever been to Brazil?" I would respond, "Why yes, I 've been to Brazil." So that's pretty cool. Brazil is very different from Bolivia. While there we seemed to gravitate towards anything American. I ate more McDonalds (which we don't have in Bolivia) last week in Brazil that I had in the previous two years. We got to eat Pizza Hut and go to Outback Steak House too.

I also learned that I don't speak Portuguese. People would talk to me, and I would have no idea what they were saying. Wa wawa wa wawa Charlie Brown. I couldn't even say yes or no in Portuguese. It's sort of close to Spanish though, so I would just answer them in Spanish and sometimes they'd sort of understand me.

We also spent a couple of days at the beach with several missionaries from Evangelical Church Mission. That was great. I must say that I think there were more people on that beach than there are in the state of Montana. Well, anyway I just wanted to close by saying that yeah I've been to Brazil once. It was sweet.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger Dave said...

A young couple experiencing the world as one should! Enjoy each and every moment. Use it as an opportunity to reflect on your life and how the Lord is blessing it. All the best!


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